The Village of Winnipegosis is a rural farming and fishing community located north of Dauphin, situated along the shores of Lake Winnipegosis and the banks of the Mossey River. Living in Winnipegosis, one can enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and abundance of nature and wildlife.
This community is home to two schools and is approximately a 40-minute drive from Dauphin.
Winnipegosis Collegiate
Winnipegosis Collegiate receives students from several communities including Camperville, Fork River, Meadow Portage, Skownan and Winnipegosis.

WCI offers a variety of courses through traditional on-site classrooms and via video conference with other schools in the Division. Additional course options include the High School Apprentice Program, Wilderness Skills, Information Communication Technology, Home Economics, Drama, Band, Industrial Arts and Career Development. 
Winnipegosis Collegiate
84 students, Grades 9-12
9.0 FTE teaching staff
Winnipegosis Elementary School
Winnipegosis Elementary School offers a variety of programming, including Grades K-6 Music, Grades 3-6 Fiddle, Grades K-8 French and Grades 7-8 Home Economics and Industrial Arts. 
WES provides Industrial Arts/Home Economics programming for Grades 9-12 students from Winnipegosis Collegiate, as well as for students from Ethelbert School. The Happy Face Children's Centre (day care and nursery program) is also located within the school.
Winnipegosis Elementary School
88 students, Grades K-8
7.7 FTE teaching staff