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Mission, Vision, Values


Keeping Learners at the Centre

Mission Statement

Mountain View School Division will provide an inspiring, respectful and safe learning environment where every student is valued, nurtured and enabled to realize his/her full potential.

Vision Statement

Mountain View School Division is a centre of educational excellence where all students become contributing citizens of a global society.

Value Statements

1. Students
    Mountain View School Division values:
* all students engaged in an innovative and exemplary learning environment
* all students' intellectual, physical, emotional and social development
2. Community
    Mountain View School Division values:
* the support, involvement and partnerships with our communities
3. Citizenship
    Mountain View School Division values:
* all students as contributing members of their communities
* all students to be respectful, caring and responsible to self, others and the environment

Strategic Directions

In pursuit of our vision and keeping learners at the centre, Mountain View School Division has established the following strategic directions and focus areas for 2016-2021:

1. Learning - Enhancing Student Learning in Foundational Skills
  • Literacy - enhance student achievement in literacy

  • Numeracy - enhance student achievement in numeracy

  • Career Education - enhance awareness, skill development and opportunities for career development

2. Well-Being - Enhancing Student Well-Being

  • Mental Health - enhance student positive mental health through strength-based approaches to learning and socio-emotional development

  • Safe and Caring Schools - enhance the climate and culture in schools by building strong relationships and inclusive environments