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All transportation eligibility inquiries must be directed to the Transportation Department at (204) 638-3001.

Schools of Choice

If choosing to enroll in a school outside of your catchment area, the following applicable Schools of Choice forms must be submitted by May 15th prior to the start of the next school year:
Please refer to MVSD Procedure #AA40 - Admission of Students for admission guidelines relating to Schools of Choice.  For further information, please visit Manitoba Education - Schools of Choice.


Guide to Completing the Student Registration Form:

Student Information Section

  • Please provide your child's legal last, first and middle names.
  • You may indicate your child's preferred name in the designated field.
  • If your school utilizes an automated callout feature, the number provided in the Home Phone field will be the one where calls are directed to.  Currently, we are only able to call out to one phone number, but we are working towards being able to call out to multiple numbers.  We appreciate your patience as we explore this option.

Legal Custody Section

  • Complete this section only if there is a custody arrangement (in place or pending) for your child.
  • This section is not required for families where both parents reside together, nor for families where one parent works away from home on a regular basis.
  • For all custody types except for Joint Shared, a copy of the legal document must be provided to the school.  Until the document is received, the custody will be assumed as Joint Shared.
  • For children in care, the following form from Healthy Child Manitoba must be completed in addition to the MVSD Student Registration Form:  School Registration Form - Children in Care.
    • Please refer to Section D of MVSD Procedure #AA40 - Admission of Students - Registration Procedures for Students Placed by Social Agencies.

Contact Information Section

  • The school will generally attempt to contact the Primary Contact first in the event of emergency.
  • At least one additional contact should be listed.  If the Primary Contact is not available, this contact will be called.

Medical Information Section

  • Please identify any non-life-threatening allergies that the school should be aware of.  If your child requires medication to be administered at school, please see MVSD Procedure #AA30 - Administering Medicines to Students for more information. 
  • Life-threatening allergies and any medical conditions that require interventions will be identified on a separate form that is included with the registration package (the URIS B Application Form).  For more information on the Unified Referral and Intake System (URIS), please visit: 

Indigenous Identity Declaration Section

  • If your child is not Indigenous, or you wish to not declare his/her identity, leave this section blank.
  • If your child is Indigenous and you wish to declare his/her identity, you may complete this section, which is voluntary and optional.  
    • If you have submitted your child's identity declaration in previous years and do not have any changes to declare, please check the box provided on the form and proceed to the next section of the form.
  • Your declaration may help to enhance services and supports for Indigenous students.  More information about this data collection can be found on the Indigenous Inclusion Directorate website.  Please see the following brochure for more information: Indigenous Identity Declaration - A Guide for Parents and Guardians.

Authorizations Section

  • If your child is part of a school team or group and you have selected "No" for use of group photos that include your child in publications and/or on website/social media, please have a conversation with your child about your decision, so that he/she knows to remove him/herself from team/group photos when they are taken.  
  • Please refer to Section D of MVSD Procedure #AA10 - Acceptable Use Procedure, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) for further information regarding photos/media permission.

Signatures Section

  • Where there is a Joint Shared custody arrangement (in place or pending), both parents (biological/adoptive) or legal guardians must sign the registration form to demonstrate that they both agree on the information provided in the form (i.e.: contacts, authorizations, etc.)
  • For all other custody types, or for families where both parents reside together, only one signature is required.
For further information or assistance in completing these forms, please contact your local school or the Division Office at (204) 638-3001.

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