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Registration - Newcomers

If you are a Newcomer Student (a student who arrived in Canada within the last four years) who lives within Mountain View School Division boundaries, you may register your child(ren) for school by:
  1. Contacting the school (visit our Schools page for contact information) to schedule an appointment to pick up a printed student registration package, or
  2. Downloading and printing the completed registration forms (see links below), and contacting the school to schedule an appointment to drop off the registration package.

Registration Forms

Please visit the following pages to download and complete the required forms for registration for school:
  1. Registration - Kindergarten page  (to register your child for Kindergarten, your child must be five years old on or before December 31, 2022)
  2. Registration - MVSD Schools page  (to register your child(ren) in Grades 1-12)

Supporting Documents

In addition to the required registration forms, please bring the following supporting documents to complete the registration process for your child(ren):

  1. Work Permit, Study Permit, Permanent Residence Card or Refugee Documents
  2. Passport - Identification Page
  3. Verification of Residency in Mountain View School Division (may be from a utility bill, credit card bill, rent receipt or bank statement and must have your name and current address on it)
  4. Verification of Child's Birthdate (may be from a Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Certificate of Live Birth, Health Card or Statutory Declaration)
  5. Verification of Medical Insurance (Manitoba Health card or policy number of private health insurance)

Next Steps

  1. When all registration requirements are met, an intake meeting with the student and parents/guardians will be scheduled.
  2. The school may be able to connect you with a Settlement Worker in Schools (SWIS) through Regional Connections, which is a local organization that provides services, resources, and referrals for newcomers living in our region.  The SWIS worker can assist newcomer students and parents in understanding school systems, expectations and procedures.

Resources for Newcomer Families

  1. Regional Connections
  2. Manitoba Education
    • Manitoba Education provides parent guides to help newcomer families as they navigate the Manitoba Education System. The guides provide information on what families can expect through Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Manitoba and information on how to register for school. The guides also provide helpful tools such as checklists and questions that can be used to communicate with teachers and administrators for various purposes. The following guides may be found at:

        • Overview – What can I expect from Manitoba schools?
        • Register – How do I register my child in school?
        • At School – As a parent, what can I expect for my child at school?
        • Kindergarten – What can my child expect in Kindergarten?
        • Grades 1 to 12 – What can my child expect in the classroom?