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Kindergarten Registration Forms and General Info

Dear Parents/Guardians:
I would like to welcome you to Mountain View School Division (MVSD). This is a very exciting time as your child is about to enter Kindergarten in September. Some of you have previous experience with this transition having older children already in our school system; we hope this experience will be as good as or better than the previous one. If you have any questions about your child’s entry into school, please do not hesitate to call your school.

Jeane Mischuk
Coordinator of Educational Services



Forms to complete and return to the school:
(school contact info is listed at the bottom of this page)

The following form is to be completed only if your child has one of the URIS B health care needs (as listed in the form):
School contact information:
School Address Email Phone Fax
École Macneill 312 Sandy St.
Dauphin, MB  R7N 0K9
[email protected] 204-638-3942 204-638-3978
Ethelbert School Box 241 - 15 Collegiate Dr.
Ethelbert, MB  R0L 0T0
[email protected] 204-742-3265 204-742-3460
Gilbert Plains Elementary School Box 397 - 106 Burrows Ave.
Gilbert Plains, MB  R0L 0X0
[email protected] 204-548-2822 204-548-2029
Grandview School Box 279 - 117 Rose Ave.
Grandview, MB  R0L 0Y0
[email protected] 204-546-2882 204-546-3026
Henderson Elementary School 911 Bond St. 
Dauphin, MB  R7N 3J7
[email protected] 204-638-4653 204-638-3912
Lt. Colonel Barker V.C. School 1516 Bond St. 
Dauphin, MB  R7N 0K4
[email protected] 204-638-4588 204-638-3808
Ochre River School Box 10 - 304 East Ave. 
Ochre River, MB  R0L 1K0
[email protected] 204-733-2559 204-733-2380
Roblin Elementary School Box 699 - 330 King St. 
Roblin, MB  R0L 1P0
[email protected] 204-937-2585 204-937-2835
Smith-Jackson Ukrainian Bilingual School 701 First St. SE 
Dauphin, MB  R7N 3L4
[email protected] 204-638-3134 204-635-4162
Whitmore School 28 Sixth Ave. SW 
Dauphin, MB  R7N 1V9
[email protected] 204-638-4782 204-638-6751
Winnipegosis Elementary School Box 120 - 416 Fifth St. 
Winnipegosis, MB  R0L 2G0
[email protected] 204-656-4550 204-656-4901
To be eligible for Kindergarten, a child must be five years of age on or before December 31, 2024.
Documentation showing proof of age will be requested at the time of registration and is required prior to admission. If your child does not currently have a birth certificate and you wish to apply for one, please see the following form: Vital Statistics - Application for Birth Certificate.
Please also bring your Manitoba Health card to registration.
Schools of Choice:

Contact your catchment area principal or the school board office at (204) 638-3001 for details regarding schools of choice. If you wish to send your child to a school other than your catchment area school, you must submit a school of choice application form by May 15, 2024.