Unified Referral and Intake System (URIS)

The Unified Referral and Intake System (URIS) is a joint initiative of the government departments of Health, Education and Family Services. URIS provides support for children with health care needs during their attendance at a school, licensed child care facility or accredited recreational program. Children with health care needs that are classified as "Group B" are eligible for support that includes the development of a health care plan and training of school personnel by a registered nurse to assist with Group B health care procedures and emergency response.

Examples of Group B health care conditions include life threatening allergies, asthma, seizure disorders, diabetes, ostomy care, gastrostomy care, clean intermittent catheterization, pre-set oxygen, suctioning, cardiac condition, bleeding disorder, steroid dependency and osteogenesis imperfecta.

The URIS referral form is available at the school or printable from MVSD Procedure #CA10 - Anaphylactic Students, Appendix A.  The process is as follows:

  1. The parent/guardian must complete a URIS B Referral form each September, or as soon as a Group B health concern is identified.
  2. The school forwards the URIS referral form to the division office, where it is forwarded to the URIS nurse.
  3. The URIS nurse, in consultation with the parent/guardian and medical professionals, develops the individual Health Care Plan (HCP). The HCP is sent to the parent/guardian.
  4. The parent/guardian signs the new HCP and provides the school with a copy.
  5. The school reviews the current HCP with staff and keeps it in a safe location for quick reference throughout the school year.
  6. If the student rides a bus, the school sends a copy of the HCP to the Division Office, attention Student Services. The Student Services Department forwards the HCP to the Transportation Department for the bus driver.
  7. If there are changes to the medical needs of the child during the school year, the parents/guardians must contact the URIS nurse to make revisions to the child’s HCP. The URIS nurse will notify the school of the changes.

Generic Emergency Response Plans (ERP) are developed for seven Group B Health Care conditions. These generic ERPs are provided to the Transportation Department for the bus drivers, until the child's individual Health Care Plan is developed. Please note, URIS referrals are prioritized by the URIS nurse and HCPs are developed September through March. 

Mountain View School Division's Procedure #CA10 - Anaphylactic Students, focuses on anaphylaxis. This procedure requires school staff to educate staff and students on the severe allergies in the building. Reduce the risk of exposure to the allergen(s) and be prepared for an emergency response. Each school administrator must review the URIS procedure and the students identified with URIS B health care concerns with staff at the beginning of each school year.

All MVSD staff members are required to attend URIS B training annually.

For more information, please visit Prairie Mountain Health - Unified Referral and Intake System (URIS).