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Senior Years

Mountain View School Division has six high schools throughout the division, with both 9-12 and K-12 configurations.  The high schools range widely in population, and in each school efforts are made to offer a variety of programming to meet the needs of all students so they may  realize their full potential. 

Each high school offers a full complement of academic programming, and more recently this has occurred in some of the smaller high schools with the assistance of a division-wide video conferencing course delivery system.  Additionally, in an effort to meet the enrichment needs of the students who excel academically we have made Advanced Placement courses available at our largest high school in Dauphin and offered divisionally through the video conferencing network we have established. 

In Mountain View School Division there is a strong focus on student retention, increasing graduation rates, and providing students at risk with the resources and learning environments needed to succeed and stay in school.  Currently there are four alternative education programs occurring within the school division and on-site within the existing high schools.  The staff involved with these programs are committed to assisting both school-aged and returning mature students so they may earn their high school diplomas and move forward to be successful in their lives.

Along with academic programming, there is also a variety of vocational programming occurring at several high schools within our division.  The largest example of this occurs at the Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School in Dauphin, where there are several vocational programs which are accredited through Apprenticeship Manitoba.  Further, more recently Mountain View School Division has been focusing on expanding vocational opportunities for students throughout the division through the High School Apprenticeship Program where students earn both a wage as well as high school credits towards graduation while working as registered apprentices at worksites throughout the region.  For more information, please click on the link below.


Each high school within the division also strives to provide all students with opportunities to explore career paths they may wish to pursue.  This occurs through ongoing consultation with guidance personnel in the schools, through career planning course curricula provided by Manitoba Education, as well as through opportunities for students to visit the campuses of post-secondary institutions within the province.

High schools within Mountain View School Division also offer a variety of extra-curricular programming to students, focusing both on physical activity and sports as well as a variety of other programming related to the arts and academics.  As part of implementing grade 11 and 12 Physical Education and Health programming, school staff have worked with students to pursue and engage in more individualized types of activities to promote overall wellness and health, as it is felt that these are the types of activities students will be more able to pursue after graduating from high school.

Overall, Mountain View School Division strives to provide high school students with the knowledge and experiences they need to be productive and positive citizens as they move into their adult lives.

The link below has been developed by Mountain View School Division in an effort to assist parents and students with requirements for graduation.  Please click on the link below to view the MVSD Senior Years Brochure.