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Student Consultations

The Board of Trustees engaged students in the Strategic Planning process.
In keeping with the MVSD Mission Statement, the following questions were presented in an online survey conducted in May 2023 for students in Grades 4-12:
  1. What makes you feel safe at school?
  2. What makes you feel unsafe at school?
  3. What makes you feel respected at school?
  4. What makes you feel disrespected at school?
  5. When do you feel successful at school?
  6. When do you feel unsuccessful at school?
  7. I wish my teacher knew...
  8. Three things you want schools to keep:
  9. Three things you want schools to scrap:
  10. Three things you don't understand about your school/division:
To confirm eligibility, students accessed the survey via their MVSD email accounts. Responses were anonymous, unless students chose to provide their name voluntarily.  Schools scheduled time for students to complete the survey.   

Mission Statement

Mountain View School Division will provide an inspiring, respectful and safe learning environment where every student is valued, nurtured and enabled to realize their full potential.