Board Policy/Admin Procedure Cross-Reference

GS30 School Instructional Budgets
BP15 Proposals of New Programming in MVSD Schools
AA10 Acceptable Use Procedure, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
AA40 Admission of Students
AA60 Animals in Schools
AD20 Distribution of Materials in Schools
AL10 Learning Resources
AN10 Nutrition in Schools
AS10 Smudging
AS15 Social Media Guidelines for Staff
AS20 Speakers and/or Groups in Schools
AS30 Student Records
AS40 Student Services Dispute Resolution
AU10 Use of Copyright-Protected Work
BA10 Appropriate Educational Programming
BC10 Challenge for Credit Option Grades 9 to 12
BC20 Clinical Services
BC30 Credit Recovery
BE10 Early Identification
BF10 Foreign Exchange Students
BH10 Homework Guidelines
BI10 Individual Education Plan
BI20 International Student Program
BO10 Off-Site Activities (Athletic and Educational)
BP10 Placement of Students and Building Access
BP12 Promotion and Retention of Students
BP15 Proposals of New Programming Within MVSD Schools
BR05 Remote Learning
BR10 Risk Management for Grades 9-12 Out-of-Class Physical/Health Education
BS10 School-Initiated Courses and Student-Initiated Projects
BS20 School-Related Activities for Special Needs Students
BS30 Student Assessment
BS35 Student Presence and Engagement
EE20 Extra-Curricular Activities
AA20 Active Supervision Guidelines
AA30 Administering Medicine to Students
AA50 Ambulance Use at Schools
AC10 Cell Phones and Personal Electronic Devices
AH10 Head Lice
AP10 Police in Schools
CA10 Anaphylactic Students
CA20 Anti-Bullying
CC10 Critical Incident Response
CE10 Emergency Preparedness in Schools
CE20 Environmental Sensitivity
CF10 Freedom from Harassment and Violence
CI05 Illness and Infectious Disease Procedure - Student Isolation Due to Onset of Symptoms
CI10 Inclement Weather
CR10 Respect for Human Diversity
CS10 Smoke and Vapour Free Schools
CS20 Student Code of Conduct
CU10 Use of Seclusion in Schools
CV20 Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)
CW10 Working Alone
CW20 Workplace Safety and Health Program
EP10 The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act Procedure
DC10 Community Partnerships
HC10 Community Use of Schools
AR10 Resolving Complaints Procedure
AV10 Volunteers in Schools
EC10 Code of Conduct for Employees
EE10 Employment Practice: Confidential Information and Disclosure of Information
EP10 The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act Procedure
ER10 Recruitment and Selection
ES10 Short-Term Leave of Absence
ES20 Supervision and Evaluation of School Administrators
ES30 Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers
CI10 Inclement Weather
FB10 Bus Driver Mileage Compensation
FC10 Cancellation of Bus Service
FS10 Student Transportation Registration
FS20 Student Transportation Route Establishment
FS30 Student Transportation Services
GD10 Disposal of Surplus or Obsolete Materials
GE10 Employee Wireless Communication
GP10 Purchasing
GS10 School Fees
GS20 School Funds - Accounting Procedure
GS30 School Instructional Budgets
GT10 Travel and Expense Reimbursement
GT20 Tuition Fees
AB10 Billeting of School Student Groups in Schools
HA10 Authorized Use of Division Vehicles
HC10 Community Use of Schools
HC20 Computer User Account Management
HS10 Staff Parking
HS20 Sustainable Development