Mountain View Matters

This year Mountain View School Division’s Board of Trustees introduced two new awards to honour staff, the MVSD Excellence in Teaching Award and the MVSD Excellence in Educational Support Award.


The Mountain View School Division Excellence in Teaching Award honours any teaching staff (teacher or principal) in MVSD for extraordinary contributions to teaching and the student experience.  This year’s recipient is Mr. Kirk Wilson, Principal of Goose Lake High School in Roblin, MB.  Mr. Wilson has been teaching since 1998 and in administration since 2011, first as a vice-principal and then as principal. 


When asked, ‘Why education?’  Mr. Wilson will tell you it is all about the kids!  This rings true as he talks enthusiastically about how the students keep him young and how he appreciates the opportunities to get out of the school with students on field trips, where they can all see each other through a different lens. Beyond teaching, Mr. Wilson has participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as the Ski and Board Club, Curling, and the Cultural Travel Club.  The importance of children to Mr. Wilson is evident both professionally and personally, as he speaks about what a privilege it is to watch his own three children learn and grow, along with the international students his family has hosted over the years. 


When it comes to the staff, Mr. Wilson commends his team and speaks of their exceptional support.  He sees his role as one of positioning the right people in the right areas and fostering their strengths and passions, so they can share them with the students.  Empowering staff, supporting grassroots initiatives, and being community focused is what he believes nurtures school improvement.


The Mountain View School Division Excellence in Educational Support Award honours any support staff (school or divisional) in MVSD for extraordinary contributions to the division that enhances the student, the employee, or the work performance.  This year’s recipient is Mrs. Brenda Neufeld, Educational Assistant (EA) at Goose Lake High School in Roblin, MB.  Mrs. Neufeld began her career as an EA in 1989 in Gilbert Plains.  After taking a few years away to start her family, she returned to the EA role in 1999 at Goose Lake High and has continued her work there for the last 25 years.  When asked about what drew her to and has kept her in education, Mrs. Neufeld shared that she loves working with teens, in all subject areas. 


While she is humble in presenting her own accomplishments, staff will tell you she embodies the MVSD mission of “Keeping Learners at the Center” and is the backbone of the school.  Her ability to be flexible and adaptable when working with a wide variety of students in a wide variety of course settings is notable.  Additionally, she is highly regarded for her organization skills and attention to detail.  But most importantly, Mrs. Neufeld is an EA who builds relationships with students and shows genuine care for their education and well-being.  Staff shared that she will often give of her own time to offer that extra support to both students and staff.  Her contributions to the Later Literacy program, Breakfast program, Graduation, and acting as a chaperone for teams over the years are a few of the standout ways Mrs. Neufeld contributes to the school and the broader community.  


MVSD would like to congratulate and express their deep appreciation to Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Neufeld for their ongoing commitment and contributions to their school community and the division at large.  It is great to have these valued staff as part of the MVSD team who are working daily on behalf of all of our children.