MVSD Board of Trustees Nominates Student for MSBA Citizenship Award

The Manitoba School Boards Association Student Citizenship Awards program for public school students in Manitoba recognizes outstanding young people throughout Manitoba who are active participants in their communities and schools. Seven awards are given annually, one to a student in each of the association’s six geographic regions, and one provincial award to a student group.

The 2019 awards take the form of a certificate and $1000. Students or groups nominated but not selected to receive an individual award will receive a certificate. The Manitoba School Boards Association Student Citizenship Award recognizes students from Manitoba schools who demonstrate their commitment to the values of citizenship through activities such as:

  1. Volunteer service to the community (i.e. service to health care facilities, senior citizen groups, shelters, day care centres)
  2. Involvement in citizenship or character building organizations
  3. Participation in student government programs or activities
  4. Leadership ability to motivate others to actions to benefit the community
The AMM George Harbottle Memorial Award focuses specifically on those contributions that a student has made in the greater community, beyond the school walls. The seven regionally-based directors who serve on the association’s provincial executive will act as the selection committee for the Student Citizenship Awards. Representatives of AMM will select from among the individual winners of the Manitoba School Boards Association Student Citizenship Awards one student to receive the AMM George Harbottle Memorial Award.
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