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COVID-19 Cases in MVSD

Self-Reported Positive COVID-19 Cases in MVSD

The total self-reported positive COVID-19 cases in schools for the previous week will be updated on Mondays on the MVSD website.
The numbers are not confirmed cases and may reflect positive PCR tests and positive rapid antigen tests. Only cases reported by individuals are included. The cases do not reflect exposures.
For the week of:
May 2-6
May 9-13
School Name # New Cases # New Cases
Barker School 3 1
Ecole Macneill 0 3
Ethelbert School 1 2
Gilbert Plains Collegiate 0 0
Gilbert Plains Elementary 4 0
Goose Lake High School 0 0
Grandview School 0 0
Henderson Elementary 1 1
MacKenzie Middle School 3 13
Ochre River School 0 0
Roblin Elementary 1 0
Smith-Jackson School 0 0
Whitmore School 2 1
Winnipegosis Collegiate 1 0
Winnipegosis Elementary 0 1
Non-School Sites 0 3
  Total: 18 29
If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 (by a rapid antigen test or by a PCR test), please ensure that you notify your child’s school at your earliest opportunity.  This will help us with our monitoring and to be able to keep Public Health informed. 
School officials are no longer required to identify or notify close contacts at school, and notification letters on individual cases will no longer be sent out by schools. Public health officials will monitor cases in schools and investigate when there is increased case activity linked to their staff and students. Schools will also monitor absenteeism rates and self-reported COVID-19 cases. Schools will escalate concerns to public health officials. If increased COVID-19 activity is suspected, public health officials will work with schools to issue notification letters, implement a rapid antigen testing program or implement remote learning, if needed.
For more information on case management and notification, please visit: Health Concerns and COVID-19 Case Management at