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COVID-19 Cases in MVSD

Click on the link below to view a summary of reported cases in MVSD schools for the current school year:
The report also includes cases that were NOT present in the school during their period of communicability (POC) and there were no school-related close contacts. In these cases, no formal letters from public health were provided since a public health investigation in the school was not required.
COVID-19 cases of students and staff are reported on the Manitoba COVID-19 Dashboard even in situations when the individual has not been in the building during their period of communicability. These cases will show up on the COVID-19 Dashboard that includes a map for “school cases” found at

Communication of COVID-19 Positive Cases in K-12 Schools:

Regional public health officials will monitor the situation closely and will provide direction and information to school communities. Public health will be responsible for responding to cases of COVID-19 and overseeing outbreak management protocols and provide direction in all public communications. Detailed information on the notification process, Public Health response and response scenarios may be found in the following document from the Department of Education: