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Bill 64 and the Manitoba Education Review

Stop Bill 64
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On March 15, 2021, the Manitoba Government released the findings of the Report of the Commission on K-12 Education, along with the contents of the proposed Education Modernization Act (Bill 64). The Bill has not passed and the Official Opposition has delayed the Bill to the fall 2021 session of the Legislature.

The proposed changes and recommendations will have significant impact on education in Manitoba. The Mountain View School Division Board of Trustees and Senior Administration are working diligently to learn more about the potential impacts of these proposed changes and commit to advocating for its students, staff and communities.
What you need to know about the potential impacts of Bill 64:
  • Elimination of your democratic rights
    • The Board of Trustees of Mountain View School Division will be eliminated.
    • Decisions about your local school will lie with an appointed Director of Education, who will report to the government-appointed Provincial Education Authority, not a locally elected school board.

  • Local school divisions will disappear
    • 37 school divisions in Manitoba are being dissolved and replaced by the centralized power of the Provincial Education Authority, with 15 regions answerable to it. Your locally elected board will be eliminated.
    • MVSD schools will become part of a 5,400+ student geographical region which will be made up of what is currently Mountain View, Swan Valley and Turtle River School Divisions.

  • Parental responsibility & workload redefined
    • With the creation of School Community Councils, parents/guardians will be asked to step into governance/management roles of their child’s school, without any clarity in the legislation about what their actual decision-making authority will be.

  • Support of local businesses in question
    • Local business owners will need to secure contracts for goods and services related to schools in their community through the centralized Provincial Education Authority, rather than locally, as they do now.

  • Taxation without representation
    • Even with the proposed phase-out of education property taxes, as Manitobans, you will continue to pay the taxes, with no elected voice to ensure the money is invested locally. The Education Property Tax Rebate outlines the shift in taxes.
    • The Minister will solely set the education levy.
The Manitoba School Boards Association (MSBA)
As part of its Local Voices, Local Choices campaign, MSBA offers the following perspectives: