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Learning Platforms - Parent/Student Tutorials
The following programs have been recommended for classrooms as a means to organize and share learning resources with their families that have internet and device access:
  • Grades K-5 - SeeSaw or Class Dojo (may also extend to Gr 6 students; specifically those in a 5/6 split environment)
  • Grades 6-12 - Teams (may also extend to Gr 5 students; specifically those in a 5/6 split environment)
Families who do not have access to an internet connection or a device for their child, or those who prefer non-tech options, will continue to be provided with hard-copy packages. Please contact your child’s teacher(s) directly to make this arrangement.
Tutorials and supports for each of the platforms are available below:
MVSD Ed Tech
MVSD Ed Tech
Check out our Ed Tech videos on YouTube! 
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy1wUdvis7ISEUhuIi8Nr2eSYo0QZDOyX for videos on: 
  • cleaning of digital devices
  • laptop loan program
  • recommended online learning platforms
  • tech supports for families
  • office 365
  • staff ed tech training
Need Tech Support?  
MVSD tech support button
In our continued effort to support families, the MVSD ICT Team has launched a Tech Support Request platform for parents/guardians. This platform provides support to help facilitate the access, navigation, and use of our recommended learning platforms: SeeSaw, Class Dojo, and Office 365 (Teams). Our technicians can assist with tutorials of these platforms as well as facilitate login support for those needing user name and passwords for Office 365.
Please select your school to access the applicable Tech Support Request Form:
*Please note that, due to the confidential nature of student login requests, a technician will reach out via phone to authenticate any username/password requests before proceeding by using the contact info provided to individual schools.
Meet the ICT Team:
K Thompson, ICT Coordinator
Kirsten Thompson,
Coordinator of ICT
D. Chudobiak, Jr. Technician
Jason Kaleta,
Sr. Technician
B Cooper, Jr. Technician
Brent Cooper,
Jr. Technician
J. Lungal, Jr. Technician
Jeremy Lungal,
Jr. Technician
D. Chudobiak, Jr. Technician
Derek Chudobiak,
Jr. Technician
Kirsten joined the MVSD Team as the Coordinator of ICT in the fall of 2019. She is passionate about the purposeful implementation of technology to assist in expanding curricular objectives for students and is especially interested in the role social media can play in our lives.
More info to come!
Brent has been a junior technician with MVSD for almost 21 years and primarily assists with support for Ecole Macneill, Henderson and both Winnipegosis schools.  He likes music, cookies and trying to train his dog Mr Pickles!
Jeremy has been a junior technician with MVSD for almost 12 years and primarily assists with support for each of the schools in the communities of Roblin and Gilbert Plains.
Derek has worked in MVSD as a junior technician for 6 years and primarily assists with the direct support of Grandview, Whitmore, Smith-Jackson, and Mackenzie Middle schools.
free wifi
Free Wi-Fi is offered once again in every MVSD community for students who are engaging in online learning! Click on the image above for details, including hotspot locations!
MVSD Computer Loan
For more information about our device loan out program for students who require remote learning, click on the image above!